Necessary Questions pertains to Oklahoma Immigration Concerns

Immigration Law Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked and considered while concerning immigration laws in Oklahoma.

Question 1. What types of visas are available for people to come to the Oklahoma?

Question 2. How can I find out how long I am authorized to stay in the Oklahoma?

Question 3. If the visa expires while an individual is in the Oklahoma. Is there a problem with that?

Question 4. How does an individual change a status from tourist (B-2) to student (F-1)?

Question 5. If a B-2 visitor is accepted for admission to a Oklahoma school and gets a SEVIS Form I-20, Would s/he be able to change status to student?

Question 6. What are employment opportunities for F-1 students? What is on-campus employment?

Question 7. How do I maintain my legal student status?

Question 8. What types of visas are available for people to work in the Oklahoma?

Question 9. Who is eligible for H1B status and for how long?

Question 10. Will my fiancée visa automatically change to a permanent resident card (green card)?

Question 11. Can my spouse come to the U.S. to Live While the Visa Petition is pending?

Question 12. Does The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) prevent my child from "Aging Out?"

Question 13. How can I become a legal permanent resident or green card holder?

Question 14. How do I become a U.S. citizen?

Question 15. What is a work permit?

Question 16. Can school records or a driver’s license be used as evidence of age?

Question 17. Who issues the work permit (also known as Employment Certificate of Age and Schooling)?

Question 18. What if the minor is homeschooled?

Question 19. What are the age requirements for Employment in Oklahoma?

Question 20. Is a work permit required for minors 16 years of age or over?

Question 21. What if the school is closed?

Question 22. Is a work permit required for out-of-state minors wishing to work in Oklahoma?

Question 23. What is the employer’s obligation once a work permit is issued and on file at the workplace?

Question 24. Is a work permit required during the summer months?

Question 25. Is a work permit transferable from one employer to the next or is a work permit to be issued for each employer?

Question 26. What do employers do with the work permit when the minor is no longer employed?

Question 27. Who can I contact to get more information about work permits?

Question 28. How does an individual gets a Green Card through employment?

Question 29. How do I become a Permanent Resident Based on Investment?